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My 40th Birthday

Hi everyone :-)

I was just speaking to one of my on-line friends, and she was saying “so where’s this wishlist for your 40th birthday presents”?

I said that I was a bit shy about sending it out, because it felt a bit demanding to *ask* people for presents. But, one of my IRL friends said it was a lot easier to pick from a list than try and think of something.

And to be honest, I’ve had a couple of really crap years health-wise, and it isn’t going to be getting any better anytime soon. I FEEL like being spoilt. I feel like having some fun!

My IRL Melbourne friends have already been invited to a birthday lunch. Guys, unless the food intolerants amongst us (and I’m e-mailing and organising with them separately) have a real problem with it, the lunch will be at Cafe Romantica in Lygon St, Sunday Feb 20th at 1pm.

My actual birthday is on the 13th Feb, but I’ve been putting off organising both the lunch and sending out this e-mail due to ill-health the last few weeks …..

Now…pressies. This is my wishlist …….

* a prayer or thought to support my health and wellbeing.

* a card, (my address supplied on request)

* an e-card, to

* a donation of any amount towards me buying Pearsalls silk thread for needlepainting/long and short stitch. (I won a real thread colour card of Pearsall’s thread from the Needleprint blog awhile ago so they are my new ‘silk thread of choice’ for needlepainting.)

To donate, please use Paypal, with the recipient . Ricky is very kindly going to accept these funds on my behalf so the final amount will be a surprise. Please make a note that the transaction is for me.

* There’s an actual wishlist, of all sorts of things, ranging from $4 up, on Amazon. (There’s a utility you can get, where you can add items from any on-line shop on the web). I’ve done my best to find out shipping costs, so there aren’t any nasty surprises there. I give $AU amounts where there are pound amounts. The $US is about equivalent to the $AU at the moment.

If you do buy something from here (feel free! :-) please hit “Buying this gift elsewhere?’ to mark it as ‘reserved’ so other people know it’s been bought.

I do hope that it’s not too rude, asking for presents. But this is a special birthday. I want to know that I haven’t disappeared after 13 years of being ill, but that there are heaps of people out there that like and love me.


Megan/Elmsley Rose

(big breath, hit Send button!)

Dupion Silk Supplier

Pearsalls, (yes Pearsall Silks) has 30cm by 30cm (um, 12″ square) pieces of Dupion Silk for 2 pounds.

I’ve not seen it ‘in the flesh’, so’s to speak – just found the page yesterday.

Shipping is

Prices for UK delivery are:
Up to 150g: £1.75
Up to 500g: £3.00
Up to 1kg: £5.20
Up to 2kg: £8.50

Prices for EU member country delivery are:
Up to 150g: £3.75
Up to 500g: £6.00
Up to 1kg: £9.20
Up to 2kg: £15.50

Prices for delivery to countries in the rest of the world are:
Up to 150g: £5.00 ($US8)
Up to 500g: £9.00
Up to 1kg: £15.00
Up to 2kg: £25.00

You’d be able to get several pieces in 150g. (They’d know how many).

They have a nice range of colours. 12″ is a good size – they do have larger sizes as well.

I can see myself having a Pearsalls Silk Dupion splurge at some point……(as well as my Silk wrapped Purl, and Rennaissance Threads, and French Wired Ribbons and Silk Mill silk splurges).


Sometime overnight my blog counter hit 50,000 hits.

I wish I could do a giveaway to celebrate, but I don’t actually have anything to give away! I have racked my mind

I’ve been blogging since August 2006, firstly on calligraphy and then on historical embroidery


A Very Old Cushion

Description of item from Etsy :

I bet a child made this as a Christmas gift many long years ago. It’s made of Victorian silk plush.
The top layer of fringe is Dusty Rose and an Olive Drab color.
The bottom layer of fringe is a solid Dusty Rose.
The front of the pillow is a deep burgundy color, the back is a gray/green color.
The front is not all 1 solid piece but has a corner piece sewn in, also a 1/2″ of edge.
Overall measurement is: 20″ x 21″
Shows a few wear spots on the top side.
This is listed as a supply for you to all the pillow and sew shut.

Sold on Nov 18, 2009 to Elmsley Rose.

The burgundy side :– now long faded to rust. The fringe is 11cm (just over 4”) long, and mixed pink and green. Very luxurious!
The large uneven stitches in black thread that were used to construct the cushion are quite visible to the eye.
This stitching, and the use of scraps for the burgundy side, is what lead the Etsy seller to believe it was made by a child.
The green side :-This has a second layer of fringe, also 11cm under that top layer – but this one is just pink.

When I went to fill the cushion almost all the seam stitching just gave way all in one go.
I re-stitched the seams (in a vintage cotton thread in pink just to keep everything ‘in theme’), sewing through the bases of the two fringes, which were quite thick and undamaged by time. The fringe itself is still lovely, still with generally well twisted and shiny threads.
Here I show where I’ve almost finished stitching, ready to put some pillow insert into the cushion.
I added some trim which I had in my stash that seemed to work with the colours well. I removed the flat green part of the trim, leaving just the multi-coloured cord.
And now – a simple job – but a lovely, decadent new cushion for my couch, which happens to be the same burgundy faded to rust colour. It’s sitting on the couch in the photo below – but looks more orange – I guess from the flash. They are actually the same colour.
It’s now taken up a habitat just about where that photo was taken,  propped up against the other cushions you can see at the top of the photo.
I don’t know if the cushion is actually Victorian, and I don’t really care. That burgundy velvet fades pretty quickly. The only indication of age was the way the black thread just gave way in a single smooth movement. I didn’t pick any of the bits of black thread out – I left them there for posterity to add to the history of the piece, which I can only otherwise wonder about.